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Veterinary behaviorists are doctors in veterinary medicine who have attended a veterinary program for 4 years post an undergraduate degree and then continue their study for an additional 3 to 8 years of specialized education, publication, and research. They are knowledgeable in all species, current scientific literature, learning theory, psychotropic medications, and medical causes that can directly affect behavior.


They are veterinarians who specialize in behavior and have an advanced skill set and an understanding of how to help your pet in a holistic capacity by assessing the physical, environmental, and mental components that could contribute to or cause behaviors.

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Dr. Tucker is a doctor of veterinary medicine and a current veterinary behavior resident through the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. Dr. Valerie Tynes, DACVB, DACAW, serves as her residency mentor. 

She grew up in central Georgia with a multitude of different species as pets throughout her life.


Dr. Tucker attended the University of Georgia for her Bachelor's degree in biological science which was received in 2010. Then she attended the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine for her doctorate degree which was acquired in 2014. During the time prior to residency, Dr. Tucker worked in small animal medicine, exotic animal medicine, emergency and critical care , and shelter animal medicine  with large animals, small animals, parrots, pocket pets, and wildlife and started a behavior consultation service at each practice she was an associate since 2014. 


Dr. Tucker enjoys working with clients to find treatment plans that work for their individual needs and the pet's individual needs. She has found that by improving the pet's mental health and wellbeing, the human-animal bond is improved which leads to a better quality of life for all participants. Dr. Tucker loves to teach and helped a previous 7 doctor practice where she work acquire fear free certification all the while teaching individual doctors, technicians, and assistants low stress handling techniques and fear free protocols and philosophies to achieve an overall behavior centric approach to care. 

Outside of direct patient care and consultations, Dr. Tucker enjoys spending time with her family Dr. Brian Cichocki, DACVO, sons Calder and Milo, two dogs, Ernie, Ralph, and two cats, Bimmer and Benz. Additionally, she loves to explore nature, participate in regular yoga, watch food competition shows, read multiple genres, and travel to new places.

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