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Making Behavior Care Accessible with Telehealth

Psychiatric care for animals has historically been challenging for clients to access. Currently there are 80 veterinary behaviorist in the world , and not all of these professionals are full time or clinically practicing veterinarians. We do not have a veterinary behaviorist in every state and there are a multitude of veterinary colleges who do not have a veterinary behavior department. This is bananas considering that the majority of pet owners ask a behavior question when visiting their primary care veterinarian. Every single person who owns an animal will deal with that animal's behaviors but may not experience diabetes mellitus, glaucoma, or a torn cranial cruciate ligament in their pet's lifetime. We all can have smoother co species living by understanding behavior better.

Misinformation abounds about why an animal performs a certain behavior and what the animal is saying by performing this certain behavior. Providing telehealth services allows accurate information to be provided in a timely manner to any client in need, taking the guesswork out of the equation! We should be embracing telehealth but especially in patients who have behavioral needs.

The majority of patients examined for behavior care over the years do not receive a thorough physical examination. We rely on a partial or observation physical assessment when assessing these patients in person. Telehealth allows the pet to be viewed in their home, habitat, or natural environment which is the most accurate view of their behaviors. Telehealth appointments are co-managed between the veterinarian and the veterinary behavior consultant in order to provide care in a team approach. We find that a team approach when referring clients works the best for the client and patient in terms of success.

Veterinary Behavior Tele Health appointments include videos that are assessed, medical records reviewed, and detailed information about the patients life and behavior history that is studied prior to the virtual visit. We will then have a scheduled time to review this information together and clarify any pertinent details in which your primary care veterinarian can be present for the entire appointment. A report will be formulated for your primary care veterinarian in regards to recommended treatments that are specific to your pet . This can all be performed in the comfort of you home at a time that hopefully fits into your busy day with ease. If this service is of interest to you, then please have your primary care veterinarian reach out for additional information or scheduling.

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